Let's go to the movies

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 12:51 PM

As a gadget developer, it's very cool to see your work paying off. Not literally paying, but it's a big reward when you see that thousands of people are using your software. Even if it's "only" a gadget, it's still a small piece of someone's desktop. I also love movies and hope that my latest gadget can help you discover the newest and most exciting flicks.

The Movies gadget started out as a follow-up to a gadget created by Manas Tungare. I reused most of his parsing code, which made it much easier for me. Moreover, I had a lot of help while creating this gadget: Kai Gradert did all the designing and graphics, the Google Desktop team came up with dozens of suggestions, and other gadget developers like Benjamin Schirmer and Teodor Filimon repeatedly tested the gadget and provided great feedback. The gadget is open-sourced at code.google.com.

All of the help I received inspired me to write an article to help others. So whether you've already created gadgets or have yet to become a gadget developer, I hope my article Listboxes and Scrollbars in Google Desktop Gadgets will help you get started. When you are done with your gadget, then it's your time to share your experience and thoughts, so that development will continue to grow and flourish.


Teo said...

That's a great article (and gadget). They will help the developer community as well as the user community very much :)

TOMHTML said...

Big up Yannick ;-)