Desktop gadgets and App Engine

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 2:08 PM

How many engineers does it take to write a development article? Apparently three.

Vishwajith Krishnamurthy, Paneendra Ba, and I joined forces to program a client-server application using Desktop gadgets and Google App Engine.

What we came up with is the Question and Answer server. The server sends random yes-no questions to a Desktop gadget client and keeps track of answers. The client can also submit new questions and see a list of the most answered questions.

Writing the app was a lot of fun and easier than we expected. Please read Desktop gadgets and App Engine to see how we did it, and take some time to try out the application.

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TMIV said...

In the article you mention that using the appengine user library to allow only one vote per question per user is an exercise left for the reader.

I am trying that exercise and it seems I can't get the login to work. I can get the login to display, but when I type my email and password it denies my access.

Is there an example of how to use the user library in a google desktop gadget?