New tutorial: Using Gadget Designer

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 2:51 PM

Back in October, James Yum blogged about changes to Gadget Designer, a Windows application that helps you create Desktop gadgets. Since then, Gadget Designer has continued to improve, with bug fixes and support for the latest API changes.

Now there's a new tutorial that leads you through the major features of the latest version of Gadget Designer, from creating and editing your gadget to debugging it and generating the gadget package. Here it is:

Even if you've used Gadget Designer before, please check it out. Who knows? You might learn something new, and we always appreciate your feedback.


B.Unger said...

download is not working !

no dll file !!

Anonymous said...

are you downloading the SDK from here?

Kathy Walrath [GD Team] said...

Make sure you unzip the SDK and are executing the designer_en.exe from the unzipped folder hierarchy.

If you execute it by double-clicking on the file in the .zip archive, Gadget Designer won't be able to find the DLL files it needs.

I'll add a note about this to the tutorial.