RSS feed of latest gadgets

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 5:00 PM

The gadget gallery now has an RSS feed of the latest gadgets: Add it to your reader and be sure to tell all your friends. You could even write a new gadget about new gadgets.


Benjamin said...

The feed will use the location of the reader as the default locale so if you use a web-reader which is located in a different country than you it will set the language of the country the webserver is located. To set a specific locale append the parameter ?hl=de (de is for german, but you can use any other valid language here ?hl=fr would be french):

The Reader said...

Very useful feature..


The Reader said...

I have just finished a Firefox extension using this feed... it's still in sandbox :)

If you dnt have a mozilla account then here's a direct link to the .xpi.

Let me know you comments please. :)


Benjamin said...

I noticed that the feed is not linked from the header of the plugins page. It would be nice if it was listed there so browsers will advertise the feed to the visitor and they can join using the build in features of their browser.

James [GD Team] said...

Thanks Benjamin,

Good suggestions, we'll add it.