New SDK, Gadget Designer, and sample gadgets

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 1:45 PM

We've released a new version of the Google Desktop SDK. This release adds sample gadgets for features introduced in 5.5, introduces a new page that describes all the samples, updates all the gadgets to have tags that indicate Mac compatibility, and includes a Gadget Designer that better supports the latest version of Google Desktop.

The new samples cover combobox, idealBoundingRect, and image manipulation using colorMultiply and cropMaintainAspect. Here's a snapshot of the image manipulation sample gadget:

A new sample gadget directory page (api\samples\gadgets\Directory.html) describes every sample gadget and points to related links. Even if you're already familiar with the SDK, you might want to check out the directory — it'll give you a fresh look at the gadget samples. We've also reworked the folder hierarchy, moving advanced gadgets to a demos folder.

As far as Mac compatibility goes, we've added <platform> tags to all the manifest files (which you should already be doing). A few samples (such as EventAPI and DragDrop) rely on features that aren't supported on the Mac version. These gadgets are explicitly marked as incompatible using the tag. Also, the RSS Demo gadget does not currently work on the Mac; it will be updated to support the Mac in the near future. In general, most gadgets work on the Mac unless you break one of the guidelines in Writing a Cross-Platform Gadget.

In case you didn't know, the Mac gadget API is currently one version behind (equivalent to version 5.1). 5.5 features won't be implemented until the next Mac release. For full Mac compatibility, be careful when using 5.5 features such button.caption and <item>.


imnatron said...

Has the RSS demo for the Mac been fixed yet? Any idea of when it will be?

james said...


thanks for the reminder. we'll fix it within a few weeks, and I'll let you know.


Claytybob said...

Hello, I Have developed a Widget on Mac, and I would LOVE to make a Google Desktop Gadget for All Platforms, (I am Trying to Stay Away From Air©). However I have seen no SDK for mac. This Troubles me Deeply Given the Relationship Between Google and Apple. Please Tell Me When and If there already is a SDK for Mac Will Be Released.

James [GD Team] said...


Indeed, certain tools such as the Designer are Windows
specific, but the rest of the SDK (docs, samples, and articles) are
applicable to all platforms.

What would make the experience on a Mac better for you?


Claytybob said...

having designer on mac! LOL, what a question, maybe even plugins for xCode and Interface builder would be positively splended

james said...

Yes, the Designer would be a start. :)

We are definitely looking at improving cross platform development tools. Especially since gadgets run on Mac, Linux, and Windows now.