Hall of Fame remodeled

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 1:32 PM

We've recently made improvements and added a splash of color to the Hall of Fame. We hope that it is now more indicative of each person's contribution to the developer community.

You might be wondering about the little icons in each developer's entry. Those icons are insignias representing various developer achievements.

Insignia  Achievement  Description
Gadget creator
The number to the side indicates the number of Desktop gadgets written by the developer.
Article writer
The number to the side indicates the number of developer articles by that author that have been published on code.google.com.
API Guru
API Gurus watch the developer group, answering questions and providing valuable feedback.
Blog contributor
Someone who's written a post that was published on the APIs blog. (Want to contribute? Write a tip and send it to gd-developer AT google DOT com.)
Student Ambassador
Student Ambassadors have volunteered to be the contact point for Desktop developers at a particular school.

We're working to make the Hall of Fame more fun and useful. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please let us know.

Also, if you need to submit or update your profile, send your information to gd-developer AT google DOT com.

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