Using the Communication API

Thursday, September 06, 2007 at 10:59 AM

I chose to create my first gadget specifically for Google Desktop when I learned of its Communication API. This easy-to-use system allowed me to turn one of my old programs into a multi-player game with little effort. The API especially appealed to me because of its simplicity, not only for development, but also for potential users. Google Desktop users can download any gadget that uses the Communication API and start playing with their Google Talk friends. You might think of such gadgets as extensions to Google Talk, as well as to Google Desktop.

The Communication API makes Google Desktop stand out by allowing third-party gadgets to send data between two users. The API's simplicity, combined with its relation to Google Talk, makes it a very powerful tool for developers. If you want to get a quick start on creating a gadget with the Communication API, check out my knowledge base article, Desktop Gadgets: Using the Communication API.

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