Using WMI to get system information

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 10:28 AM

I started writing Google Desktop gadgets about two years ago and always love to work on new and different gadgets. It's exciting to have an idea for a gadget in my mind and then work out how to make it real. Every gadget I build has its own challenges and teaches me something new. I especially love to create gadgets that help people manage their systems.

Windows Management Instrumentation is a very powerful way to retrieve information about almost anything — hardware or software. I have successfully used it in my Operating System gadget. If you want to learn more about WMI and how to use it in your gadgets, check out my Knowledge Base article, Retrieve System Information Using Windows Management Instrumentation.

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Anonymous said...

what a shame to
just have a look at what what yahoo widget works..
there's no improvement when gd updating..
Gd didnot deliver creative gadgets. Just mimic what ffox extensions have succeed in browser, in system desktop.
I have already give up standing up. Google desktop doesnt deserve my waiting.