Tip: Use the gadget debug console

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 2:31 PM

You can find gadget debug consoles in two places: inside the Gadget Designer (sdk\api\tools\designer_en.exe) and as a standalone application (sdk\api\tools\gdpconsole.exe). Using a debug console will make your life much easier, compared to strictly using view.alert. To send output to the debug console, use the debug object. For example:
function view_onOpen() {
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Bijoy Thangaraj said...


debug.trace is very helpful.

It is much better than using alert(..) to debug.

James [GD Team] said...

yeah bijoy ... especially in a loop :)

i always keep my console running while developing ... i also like debug.error, which shows up in red

Teo said...

That thingie is pretty cool. I wasn't using it until this post (which was the 'last straw' :) everyone was recommending me the gdpconsole :D )

Krzysztof Olczyk said...

Yeah, it is a nice tool.
Especially, because of the fact that you need not run gdpconsole ... you can see the output directly from designer.

The Reader said...

Yeah!! Really helpful tool to do experiments.. ;) in case of having infinite loops or so.. :D